Let me answer some questions you may be having. If you have any others, email me.

“Could you tell me more about yourself?”

Absolutely. I was born in Richmond, Virginia to Richard and… just kidding. :)

One of my biggest passions is positive psychology, or the psychology of happiness. Utilizing the tests in the How of Happiness, I learned that one of my biggest drivers is reaching a state of flow (commonly called “being in the zone”). When I started teaching myself to code, I would often find myself coming back to senses and realizing that four hours had passed. This was when I knew that this career path was right for me. A few months later, I quit my job as an account manager and sales engineer to teach myself full-time.

Since then, I’ve gravitated towards front-end development, as it requires both problem-solving and creativity.

“Why should I hire you?”

I solve problems, have a proven track-record, and love working hard on challenging projects. You can find me in the zone listening to fast-paced music with noise-canceling headphones while drinking a Red Bull. I enjoy wearing many hats, although my favorite role is one of a JavaScript-focused front-end developer.

“Are you available to take on new work?”

I am currently available for part-time remote work. Get in contact with me and we can discuss your needs and how I can help.

“Whoa, your is rate is too high.”

I strive to provide at least 10x more value than I charge. If you’re starting out with a business idea and want to hire a developer, one hour on the phone with me can easily save you $1,000 plus countless hours going down a rabbit hole.

“Are you the baddest developer this side of the Mississippi?”

Y’know, I’m surprised how often I’m asked that question. But to give you an honest answer, my work often elicits a response between “fresh” and “Oh my gosh, that’s fresh to death.”