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NNotifier Script

10/31/20192 Min Read — In Productivity

Sometimes we have CLI processes that take a long time. Long time: any length of time longer than one's attention span When we're going about our workflow, we are hopefully working on the highest…

CCoursera's Learning How to Learn

10/29/20197 Min Read — In Productivity, Learning

TL;DR I just finished Cousera's Learning How to Learn and I learned a lot. I recommend it for anyone in web development. My personal key learnings can be found below. If you want to read all of my…

CChecklist Zero and Mind Sweeping

10/28/20192 Min Read — In Productivity

I often jokingly say to my friends, "You need to get your life together." It's weird for me to say that, considering not that long ago my life was most definitely not in order. About a year ago, all…