I'm Gerry Pass, a web developer with six years of industry experience, specializing in React, Node, Rails, and Cypress.

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VVariables with Abstract-With-As

11/01/20192 Min Read — In Cypress

Cypress ' documentation on Variables and Aliases does a great job explaing all the options. What I'd like to propose is the best option. I have gone back and forth with how to set and get…

NNotifier Script

10/31/20192 Min Read — In Productivity

Sometimes we have CLI processes that take a long time. Long time: any length of time longer than one's attention span When we're going about our workflow, we are hopefully working on the highest…

CCoursera's Learning How to Learn

10/29/20197 Min Read — In Productivity, Learning

TL;DR I just finished Cousera's Learning How to Learn and I learned a lot. I recommend it for anyone in web development. My personal key learnings can be found below. If you want to read all of my…

CChecklist Zero and Mind Sweeping

10/28/20192 Min Read — In Productivity

I often jokingly say to my friends, "You need to get your life together." It's weird for me to say that, considering not that long ago my life was most definitely not in order. About a year ago, all…

CCypress + LaunchDarkly (or any Feature Flag Tool)

10/26/20192 Min Read — In Cypress

Feature Flagging is incredibly powerful as it enables canary releases . Good tools, such as LaunchDarkly , allow you (the developer) or the product manager (PM) to easily toggle on who sees what…

SSanity Check Script

10/26/20191 Min Read — In Cypress

It's incredibly frustrating when you start a test suite, step away for a few minutes, then come back and see that the whole test suite failed. 0% passing. You spend a few minutes diving in to the…

RReplace cy.wait Magic Numbers with forEvent

10/25/20191 Min Read — In Cypress

Magic Numbers. They are an anti-pattern because they are arbitrary and provide no context. This leads to confusion ("What is this number?") and fear of removing it ("I can't remove it. I don't know…