Software developer, newbie designer, startup enthusiast.

I'm Gerry Pass, a software developer and startup-enthusiast based in Atlanta, GA. I was the first employee at Florence Healthcare and I'm currently working as a consultant at Artium. While I specialize in full-stack web development, I've made a mobile app for a Fortune 500 company, created a Figma component library with 600+ downloads, and have taught & mentored dozens of aspiring developers.

How to Setup a New Computer (Again)

As a software engineer, you will have to set up your computer many times. This article will show you how to make this easier.

Using AI is a Skill

Tech interviews typically test DSA and systems design. It's time to include using AI.

Call for a LLM Framework

When Ruby on Rails was released, it was a huge step forward for the web development community. It preferred convention over configuration and made it easy to get started and to iterate on a large project. We need that for the LLM and AI engineering ecosystem.