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How to Setup a New Computer (Again)

As a software engineer, you will have to set up your computer many times. This article will show you how to make this easier.

Using AI is a Skill

Tech interviews typically test DSA and systems design. It's time to include using AI.

Call for a LLM Framework

When Ruby on Rails was released, it was a huge step forward for the web development community. It preferred convention over configuration and made it easy to get started and to iterate on a large project. We need that for the LLM and AI engineering ecosystem.

LangChain: Awesome Until It's Not

LangChain is a great framework for working with LLM's, until you need to do something that it doesn't support.

ChatGPT Custom Instructions Personas

ChatGPT's Custom Instructions feature allows you to consistently customize your responses without using any context tokens. This article covers how I use this feature via my own unique personas.

Meta Prompt Engineering

Meta prompts enable the user to create great prompts. Let's break one down.